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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Powerful Media Player - VLC

VLC ( is a very powerful media player with great capabilities. Some of the capabilities provided by VLC Media Player are as mentioned below :
  • cross platform versions available
  • support for many audio and video formats like mp3, mpeg -4, DivX, ogg, etc.
  • could be used as a streaming server
Fun to work with, watched a movie set as wallpaper using VLC.


PDonaghy said...

Hi Narinder
I like the VLC player especially for the shoutcast streaming radio stations. Nice to listen to while you are working!

Narinder said...

thanks for your feedback Patricia.
nice to know that somebody is reading my blog said...

VLC is one of the most powerful media player in your PC. Open source code has made this compatible for all the video codecs.
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