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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kiddle - A Visual Search Engine for Kids

Kiddle, is a nice visual search engine for kids powered by Google. The "co" in the domain stands for "children only" and this itself explains the purpose and objective of the search engine. Kiddle caters to the requirements of K-12. It is a very safe search engine and offers search across five categories - Web, Images, News, Videos and Encyclopedia. To ensure that only kids

specific results are displayed, content on Kiddle is handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors. This ensures blocking of any explicit during the Kiddle search. The users can also suggest more keyword or/ and site blocking which is deemed unfit for kids. To make the search engine more appealing to kids, the search results are displayed in larger fonts and illustrated with big thumbnails.

It's indeed a welcome news for parents and educators as they can rely on this safe tool when the kids browse the internet. The only downside is the "Encyclopedia" which provides the same look and feel as Wikipedia and could surely have been made more visually appealing.

Overall, a wonderful tool to ensure safe browsing for kids.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

JPEG Image Optimization free online tool

All of us feel the need to upload or transfer JPEG files online but at times because of large size the file transfer becomes an issue. Here's a wonderful free online tool which work wonders. The tool is JPEG-OPTIMIZER,   I tried various tools but this tool stands apart 

because it addresses the basic fundamental requirement of size reduction and that too without any loss of quality whatsoever.  The size of my original image was close to 3 MB and i wanted to upload the file with a size less than 100 kb. After trying various other tools which could not meet my requirement, i tried this one and this worked wonder. I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of my file optimized through this tool. The tool did a whopping 98.7%   reduction. 

The interface is simple and easy. A great tool for jpeg optimization !