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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Somewhat related to my previous post on free online utility on file extension, here is another one. FILE INFO, . With very neatly placed categories on the home page, this is a good online utility to find about any file type ( on extension basis).

A good time saver utility ! 


Got to know about this highly useful utility, OPENWITH, There are times when one gets stuck with a file having an alien extension. This is where this online utility would come very handy by providing one with the free programs that would help open the particular file. With the Category and Description option, it is indeed a helpful tool.

A very useful time saver utility indeed !


In my quest for a perfect tool, tried my hands at another online survey and poll tool, Glow Day
With its range of page based poll options, it is indeed a good tool and i tried in on my website as well. The tool offers the following options
  • text poll
  • picture poll
  • video poll
  • results in a graph format, which could be embedded in website, blog, etc.
Though the tool may not have a very appealing user interface and not so friendly login/ sign in option, still is useful.

A good tool to try !

Friday, January 15, 2010


For all the stick figure animators, Here's another Stick Figure Animation Tool, STYKZ. Must say, its an excellent tool and better than the other stickfigures. A very neat tool and with a rich user interface. It is a multi-platform tool.

The features are just too many to list. So pasting a screenshot from the site itself.

Enjoy the Tool !!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


EDOBOARD is an excellent online/ live teaching tool with lot of support built in  to facilitate teachers/ tutors. Signing and Starting a Class is very simple. The tool/ site offers many wonderful features such as
  • Web Cam
  • Chat
  • Board Captures
  • Shared Scribble Board
  • Equations, Graphs, other tools.
  • Exercises, public and private
  • Calendar
  • Shared images and files
Indeed a wonderful tool. So, don't waste time and get started soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


These days "21st Century Skills" is the buzz. With every educator talking about building "21st century skills' in learners, it is very important to have a proper understanding and clarity about the same. Mentioned here is indeed an excellent and a very comprehensive online resource on "21st Century Skills".

21st Century Skills is an excellent site with a number of highly useful resources. There are a number of downloadable resources ranging from Frameworks to Guides. The site features various publications and guides to download and use.

A must visit for anybody wanting to know and learn about 21st Century Skills.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sharing about a Visual Thinking website/ tool, WebSpiration, an online site that allows to create various visual tools like Idea Maps, Concept maps, etc. It is a good collaborative tool to visually brainstorm, organise, comprehend, communicate information, ideas, concepts, etc.

A very user-friendly site with lot of support and help for the users. A special section for Educators to highlight how educators could benefit by using the tool. Then there are menu options like 'Visual Thinking' to help you better understand the concept and philosophy behind it, 'Tips and Tricks' which very nicely explains how one can use it for different purposes like Brainstorming, Project Planning, etc. Another menu option is 'Examples' which highlight ready made examples of using the tool.

A good tool to try and use as "Visual Thinking" definitely has a better impact on learning.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Tried Survey Monkey, a free online survey cum questionnaire tool. The tool is quite handy and useful. Though restricted in many options, the free account still offers a range of features to to help build/ create a good survey or questionnaire.

Be cautious to use the free account in the following ways :

  • no. of questions as the free account restricts it to only 10
  • some additional options like splitting, etc. available only with pro version
  • few more
  • the survey ( at least the free one) is totally public, no way you can protect it or make it private

The tools does have the collection and analysis option.

Overall, a useful tool.