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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Free Online WhiteBoard Tool - Scriblink

Tried Scriblink, the free interactive Whiteboard available at
The tool is quite easy to use and has lot many useful features. No need to register, one may straight away start working on the whiteboard. Some features of the tool are

  • invitation by email or copying of the URL
  • uploading file
  • chat
  • option to save the whiteboard file for later reference
Though some features like colour and tool are very basic but in the absence of any other free Whiteboard (at least to my knowledge), still a very good tool to use.

One major limitation i saw was allowing only 5 users at a time to work.

Please note the tool may not work if you access it from some corporate connection because the concerned port may be blocked ( i experienced it )

Good Useful Tool !!

1 comment:

Zohair said...

There are a few other free whiteboard options actually, but they're all very similar. Dabbleboard is a new type of whiteboard that has a completely reinvented interface (shape recognition, drag-and-drop library, etc.) that makes drawing much easier and faster.