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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Skippy - A wonderful app/ tool for (reading through) Videos

SKIPPY, is an excellent tool o manage the video watching in terms of watching the relevant portions (as per our need and interest). It's an interesting app (at least i found it so!) and could be very useful if used with purpose. Some of the useful features of the app are

  • control over the video playback. A viewer can skip over the portions of the video through the SKIP button.
  • Display of the transcript which helps the viewer arrive at the core of the video if he/ she wishes to skip the other portions of the video
  • Availability of relevant videos segregated in categories. Right now, there are 4 categories available - Inspiration, Social Studies, Art & Culture and Tech & Science.
  • Features like Bookmark to help save for future reference

This app is not a substitute for any video playing tool such as youtube, ect. It's like a complimentary tool to help the viewer by providing them better control over their video viewing  and does save lot of time.

I tried the android version of the app and i am pretty impressed with the nice and easy interface of the app !