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Thursday, April 17, 2008

File Splitting/ Joining Tools - Peazip and Soft191

Quite excited about this post as it came out of necessity. While exploring tools to send large files to our partner teachers, one option that occured to me was file splitting/ joining tools. Of course, there would be and there are other options available but it is worthwhile to try these tools as well. Using these you can manage all major file types and can send large files over the internet. Out of the few file splitting/ joining tools, that i tried, i liked the Soft191 and peazip.

Soft 191 split join, is an excellent tool having the following features:

  • Simple to use interface
  • option to specify split size
  • option to clean disk space after joining the file
  • option to create an .exe ( executable) and .bat (batch) file , which is quite helpful when performing the join operation. clicking on the .bat file, one can start the process without bothering about the first file in the sequence. The .exe helps create a self-extractable file

The other tool, peazip ( is a very comprehensive tool and has lot many useful features. Some of those features are as mentioned below :

- support for lot many file types
- feature rich
- good interface
- option to create self-extracting file
- options to change settings like compression ratio, etc.

Be careful about not moving the peazip.exe file elsewhere without the supporting files.

Peazip scores over Soft 191 for its comprehensiveness and Soft 191 scores over peazip because of its simple interface that any layperson could get a hang of.

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