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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I mention about two somewhat similar websites/ projects offering free lesson plans though the scope differs for both.

Quickies, is an online resource for accessing and using available free lesson plans. Though not too many categories on offer but some resources are worth a look and use. The categories are few - Mathematics, Language Arts, Health, Physical Education, Science and Professional Development. I explored few topics and discovered some good ones like Shiatsu, Yodagami, etc. Some of the links lead to promotional products and so not much of a use if looking for a free stuff. Good to try and use some of the free resources.

Other resource explored was WikiHow,
WikiHow is a Wikipedia product and open to participation. The resource site is to cater to 'How To' requirements, to find out how a particular thing, object, phenomenon, etc. is done/ executed/ etc. The site offers lots of categories ranging from Education to Hobbies, Computers, etc. The site is quite comprehensive and an active one. Lots of articles on offfer, read a few from Science and they were quite interesting like 'How to Create a Battery from a Lemon'. The site also provides the option to embed the article in a blog or website. One can use the available articles or may start their own as well.

Good resource to try and if convinced and satisfied use it with students ( instructions provided on the site about using wikihow with students).

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