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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Color in Motion, , is a beautiful site that teaches so much about colors and that too in so many beautiful ways. I must admit that i have not seen anything so creative and innovative for so many years now. Hats off to Claudia for this wonderful site that teaches so much about color. Right from the conception of the site to the delivery, the website stands apart. Exploring the site is real fun and education as well. Infact, one sees colors actually talking to you.

The Menu offers three main sections to choose from - Movie, Stars and Lab and each of these section has lot to offer and teach. The Movie teaches you what each color symbolises, what each color represents and much more. The Stars section is where one can find out the compatibility, main traits about each color. The Lab section is where one can play around with colors, express onself, work on a project and more.

I, personally, discovered a lot by exploring this site and hope its true for you as well.

A wonderful colorful site, just too good a site to resist !

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