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Friday, July 18, 2008


Timeline 2.0, is a highly useful timeline creation tool. The quest for finding a timeline creation tool which could export the file in .swf format ended with this tool. Th e tool is quite handy when you want to create timelines depicting history, life span, evolution, important events, etc. for something. It could be history of how computers evolved, famous personalities, and many more.

Once extracted, the Timeline 2.0 folder contains 6 files. This tool could be easily integrated in eXe authoring sytem as the tool generates an .xml file, a .swf file.

Certain precautions to be taken when working on Timeline tool
  • Please fill up the Interface Configuration options and then the Events
  • Be thoughtful while specifying Sub Bands. A good way would be to specify some key items in the Sub Bands
  • Be careful to specify the end dates wherever essential
  • When wanting to create multiple timelines, please save them in different folders
  • Follow the proper sequence for creating the timlines i.e., first use the Creator.jar file and then the rest
  • When trying to integrate the timeline into any othe tool like eXe, attach the .swf and then copy the .xml into the course folder separately ( after exporting it)
  • Go through the Documentation properly as it would guide you how to proceed.

A very handy tool, indeed !!!


LK said...

also check out a free online timeline generator for easy way to create interactive timelines with photos and videos. let us know if we can be of help in creating timelines with your students.


John said...

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