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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Rich Chart Live, is an excellent tool to create charts online. Indeed a captivating tool because of the range of features provided by the tool. The free version lets you use all the features and would place a small logo in the corner. All the other features are the same as provided in the commercial version.The features include a good collection of templates, Series style charts, multiple layouts, animation features. The Rich chart gallery provides examples charts that could be created using the tool and the list includes charts with hyperlinking features, etc.

Now, coming to the main expectation from any tool i.e. the output format. Quite impressively, the rich chart live offers the option to publish the chart in 4 formats. Two very useful publish formats are 'Publish to Flash' which will enable one to save it in a .swf file format and 'Embed Chart in Blog' which can work wonders for Bloggers wanting to display chart in their posts.

A wonderful tool, indeed !!

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