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Thursday, April 19, 2012

EXPLANIA, an online ANIMATIONS, what a site !!

EXPLANIA, is indeed a wonderful site full of animations, tutorials and instructional videos. It boasts of a very simple to use interface and is a treat to watch.

I viewed a few animations and it was quite useful, in  simple language and with lots of clarity. One can also make use of the side bar towards the bottom left to view videos from different relevant categories.

Few other highly useful features include
  • In case you have a website, blog, wiki, etc. you can embed the animations as well.
  • Description provided for the animation
  • Comments feature to provide feedback on the animations, videos
  • Multi Channels available 
  • Facility to Download the video(s)/ animation(s) 
Indeed a highly useful and wonderful site !!!


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Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

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