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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sharing about a Visual Thinking website/ tool, WebSpiration, an online site that allows to create various visual tools like Idea Maps, Concept maps, etc. It is a good collaborative tool to visually brainstorm, organise, comprehend, communicate information, ideas, concepts, etc.

A very user-friendly site with lot of support and help for the users. A special section for Educators to highlight how educators could benefit by using the tool. Then there are menu options like 'Visual Thinking' to help you better understand the concept and philosophy behind it, 'Tips and Tricks' which very nicely explains how one can use it for different purposes like Brainstorming, Project Planning, etc. Another menu option is 'Examples' which highlight ready made examples of using the tool.

A good tool to try and use as "Visual Thinking" definitely has a better impact on learning.

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