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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Writing about two highly useful reosurces by 3M.

In these times of "Climate Change", it becomes essential that the younger generation understand "living". The first resource is on Sustainaable Living, 3M Worldly Wise. Indeed a great site with separate sections for Teachers and Pupils. "Town Plan" is a great way to make pupils understand various concepts like Carbon Footprints, Renewable Energy, Recycling, etc. The Students also understand the applicability of these concepts in our daily living. It is real fun to browse through the " Town Plan" and understand things that matter to us for a "Sustainable Living". The teacher section has a range of Activity Worksheets to help teacher deliver the concept to pupils.

The second resource is 3M Streetwise, which is about "Child Road Safety" where there are three sections - for Pupils, Teachers and Parents. The resource has a range of options like Quiz, Science behind Safety, games, road safety knowledge, etc.
Though these resource are more applicable to UK and Ireland but still be relevant
for countries like India and others.
Hats off to 3M for such wonderful resources.

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