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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Keeping the promise that i would only share fully working, useful and appropriate tools as i do not want teachers/ readers to be wasting their time on demo/ trial versions. This blog is meant to share tools which are free and open for anybody to use. The idea is not to populate this blog by posting about every other tool that i test or find out. I try my best to post about only those tools/ softwares which would be free to download/ use and which would bring in some value to readers (especially teachers)
Here's another useful tool - image to avi conversion tool. This tool can aid in creating a movie out of static images. The interface is simple and with some good options provided, the tool can be very handy. The tool provides support for .bmp, .jpeg and .gif formats. Some of the useful options provided are pixel format, frame speed, audio addition. The output AVI file has a size limit of 2 GB.

When you visit the download link provided, please ensure that you click on the basic version only as there are paid versions available for the same tool. The tool can be downloaded from

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adawdp said...

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