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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Image Related Utilities

Stumbled upon these while pondering over how to simplify technology further for teachers. Just posted a relevant post on my other blog ( The technology challenges faced by teachers prompted me to explore some good short and crisp image related utilities. Mentioning two such utilities below :

Shell Extension ( is a very handy utility
( just about 520 KB in size) which adds capabilties to the right-click menu

Once you right-click on any image, it displays a thumbnail of the image along with the option"Convert to". Once you click on "Convert to", it shows you the various fomats available for conversion ( a good number of image formats) and allows you to save it. Quite a handy utility to add more power to my right-click. A must try !

PIXresizer -Image Resizer (

A useful utility for resizing images, individual and in groups. A very intuitive and si mple to use interface for using the tool. Through tab change, one may work on either an indiv idual image or a group of images. While working with multiple files, remember to mention the corr e ct folder(s) for loading or saving the files.

The above two utilities can help the starters to get more comfortable manipulating th e images as compared to working with a heavy/ comprehensive image related tool/ software.

Best of try !

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