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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Free GIF Animation tools

I mention two tools from the GIF Animation category. The tools are UnFREEz ( ) and Pivot Stickfigure ( Pivot Stickfigure could be downloaded from other download sites as well.
Very simple and easy to use tools.
  • Steps to create animation in UnFREEz are
    UnFREEz works in a drag and drop way where you simply drop in the GIF images in the UnFREEz interface
  • Once the GIF images have been dropped in the sequence required, give some frame delay
  • Click on 'Make Animated GIF' and save the final file
  • Click on the saved file to view the animation

UnFREEz could be used with Paintbrush also

Pivot Stickfigure is very interesting software with some basic figure types provided. More figure types could also be created.

Steps to create animation in Pivot Stickfigure are

  • Go to File---> New to open a new file and click on Next Frame or simply click on Next Frame
  • Alter the figure by the hinges and again click on Next Frame
  • Keep altering the figure by the hinges and then clicking on Next Frame
  • Provide as many intermediate frames as you can to create a smooth animation
  • Drag the scroll near the Play button
  • Select 'Repeat' to put the animation in loop
  • Click on 'Save Animation' and save the file as a GIF extension

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