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Monday, July 2, 2007

Free Picture Story Tool

Sharing with you details on a free product by Microsoft - Photostory.
Photostory lets one create stories from Photos and is quite simple to use. Some of the essential of Photostory3 are :

  • requires Windows Media Player 10 or above. Load/ Install media player before photostory

  • requires a genuine Windows XP. Will check for a genuine license of Windows

Its fun to use Photostory, especially for those who are habitual of working on Power Point as Photostory is very similar to that. One can create a real experience out of digital photos, scanned photos, etc. using Photostory.

Photostory can be downloaded from

Note : Photostory works only on Windows and the creation may become too heavy for use.

Anyway, enjoy the experience of a rare free (though with limitations) from Microsoft.


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